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Youth Pastor – Brian Ziegelheafer


Brian Ziegelheafer

Husband, 3 boys, Youth Pastor, skateboarder, photographer, web designer, mountain biker, community activist, and part-time superhero.

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What are people saying?

I can't say enough about our Youth Program and the outreach it has on our entire County! So many youth in our society are effected by the drug culture they have to be raised in from: Parents serving time for there wrong choices, abandonment, suicide, abuse, etc.all of which is dealt with our Awesome Youth Pastor! They are feel welcomed & no one ever feels like they are different! They are taught Biblical Truths that God is a God of Love & there is no Condemnation in His Heart.! Our Pastor preaches & teaches Christian Family Values & What the Responsibility of each family member has as a Child of God! They prepare our youth to face what the World is going to throw at them! My grandson got saved under their teaching! And is growing Spiritually through their support & love!! I just thank God for bring us to Corinth Baptist Church! !

Gaffney, SC 

The love that pervades our church is quite remarkable; we can cry together, sing together, and be joyful together!

Gaffney, SC 

We are called the Alien Youth Family, and that statement holds true!

Gaffney, SC 

I may not be what I need to be, but thank God I'm not what I used to be!

Gaffney, SC 

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