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Youth Pastor – Brian Ziegelheafer


Brian Ziegelheafer

Husband, 3 boys, Youth Pastor, skateboarder, photographer, web designer, mountain biker, community activist, and part-time superhero.

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What are people saying?

The Alien Youth Army is a perfect example of the viral youth group. Our own youth are always excited about the meetings and other youth groups are always asking about how we do it. How do we do it? We are a family that is always looking to add new members!

Spartanburg, SC 

Y'all are my family! I have no idea where I would be without all of y'all! Y'all are here when I'm sick, when I'm mad, sad, or going though something in my life! Y'all are always here for me! I know with all my heart that y'all have my back though anything! Y'all get me though my hard times and We have a lot of good times! I learn so much from Corinth! Y'all keep me on the right path where I need to be and I thank each and everyone of you at the church for that!

Gaffney, SC 

Most devoted and best youth pastor in Cherokee County! CBC is very blessed to have Brian and Christy lead our youth. All the youth feel comfortable talking to them about anything. The kids love them and so do I! Love you guys!

Gaffney, SC 

We are called the Alien Youth Family, and that statement holds true!

Gaffney, SC 

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